New year new plan

Jan 24, 2019 11:43:00 AM


With a clear planning the FATH sailing team starts the new year with the boat sponsored by FATH. The last one ended with a great success. The sailors won the Iron Regatta at Lake Garda in November. The competition, held since 1951 with participants from all over the world, is one of the oldest in inland waters in Europe and a challenge for sailors at world championship level. The victory as the fastest in his class earned Timo Späth and the team the recognition of the community of Georgensgmünd. This honoured him with the honorary medal of the municipality of Georgensgmünd in silver for his outstanding sporting achievements.

2019 should be just as successful for the sailors. Therefore they start the season on 20-21.04.2019 on the Lake Brombach with their first competition. This will be followed by regattas on Lake Walchen in May, Lake Constance, Lake Geneva, Lake Ammer and Lake Balaton in June. In August they will compete in a long-distance competition in Berlin. A special competition will be the triple long-distance on Lake Garda in September. In October, the Middle Franconians return to their native regions on Lake Brombach. The season will end in 2019 with a competition on Lake Constance. We wish the sailors a successful season and look forward to the results.